Survival Of The Fittest reveals shock new twist for next elimination

There was another shock twist on Survival Of The Fittest last night.


In Saturday’s show, David got a message: “Boys and Girls, in one hour you will battle it out in the next Team Challenge. This challenge is called ‘Leave me Hanging’ and one member of the losing team will be replaced.”

In the Tree House, David said: “I am buzzing for today’s challenge. I have confidence in these guys today. We have extra motivation. We don’t want to go home and want to be here until the very end!”

James spoke to the Boys in a team talk: “We are all pumped up and we go all guns blazing but we need to step back and think… This is the biggest game of our lives.”

Later, the Teams got ready for battle.

The Team Challenge was all about hanging around. Only one Team could win, which meant someone from the losing side would be leaving The Lodge.

The aim of the game was to hang from poles above a waterhole for as long as possible, using only arms and legs. The last person hanging on their pole would win this challenge for their team.


The boys came out on top, leaving the girls in danger.

After the task, host Laura Whitmore enters The Lodge with a surprise.

She explained that the girls team who lost today’s Team Challenge were all vulnerable and that one of them will be Replaced. But this time, things are a little bit different…

The Girls’ Team will face a Survival Challenge called ‘Deep Water’ which will see members of the losing Team all go head-to-head in an ultimate battle for survival. The person who loses the Survival Challenge will leave The Lodge immediately.

The Boys who won the earlier Team Challenge had the opportunity to save a member of the losing Team from facing this Survival Challenge. They saved Mariam Musa.

Also safe is Hayley Madigan, the newest girl who held on the longest for the girls team.


The remaining girls will face off in the survival challenge in Sunday night’s show, where one will leave The Lodge for good.

Survival of the Fittest continues at 10PM on ITV2