Survival Of The Fittest results! who left? Two out as finalists are confirmed

Tonight's Survival Of The Fittest results

Two contestants left the lodge in tonight’s Survival Of The Fittest results, leaving the finalists.


In this evening’s episode, Laura Whitmore entered The Lodge and as the Girls and Boys gathered in their teams.

Laura told them: “There are five of you on each team but only four can make it to the Final. As you know, you’ve already chosen your strongest members of each team. Girls, you chose Jenny and Mettisse. Boys you chose Tristan and Warren. Well done to you four, you’ve made it through to the Final.”

She continued: “It’s now time to find out who will be going home tonight. Sam, Mariam and Hayley only two of you can make it to the Final. Callum, James and David, one of you will be going home tonight.”

Laura then revealed that the public have been voting for who they think deserves to keep their place on their team.

With the most votes, Mariam and James were saved by the public and through to the final.

Laura hen told the bottom two Girls and Boys that their fate was now in the hands of the opposition. The Girls had to choose which Boy they wanted to leave and the Boys had to choose which Girl they wanted to leave, meaning only four Girls and four Boys made their way through to the Final.


“Are you going to take a tactical decision? Do you put your relationships first? Even if it makes your opposition stronger? Will choose one of them to weaken your opposition for the Final?” Laura asked the teams before the Girls and Boys had to make their decisions.

The Boys and Girls then have to choose to eliminate one of the two remaining people on the opposing team.

The Girls choose Callum to leave. The Boys choose Hayley to leave.


Those therefore in the final are: For the girls, Mariam Musa, Jenny West, Mettisse Campbell and Sam Dewhurst and for the boys, Tristan Jones, Warren Phillips, James Middleton and David Lundy.

Survival of the Fittest concludes with the final on Friday night at 9pm on ITV2.