Survival Of The Fittest results: Girls decide which guy gets the boot

One boy gets the boot in tonight’s Survival Of The Fittest results.


Last night, the girls won the latest head to head challenge, securing them safety from the public vote.

The boys went up for the viewer poll and tonight the girls will decide which one of them will get the boot.

In this evening’s episode, all talk in The Lodge turns to the decision the Girls are going to have to make. Their decision will see one Boy leave The Lodge and be Replaced.

Joel and Georgia are talking about the impending Replacement. Joel says he is worried he will be in the bottom of the public vote.

“Obviously I hope it’s not me,” Joel tells her.

Georgia says: “I hope the Girls don’t choose you just because you’re quiet and don’t click with the group… I’ll try and stick up for you…”


Joel looks at her: “Hopefully I can stay and see what happens.” They kiss.

Meanwhile, Mettisse and Mariam are moaning to Tristan and Callum that they obviously have loyalties to the Boys’ team now.

“We just feel like even though we’re winning, it’s a lose-lose situation,” Mettisse tells the Boys.

Mariam adds: “One of the Girls will stay that we probably don’t get along with but one of the guys we genuinely get along with is going, so I feel like we are in a catch 22.”

Host Laura Whitmore then enters The Lodge and announces the Boys with the most public votes, and the Girls have to make an agonising decision about which of the Boys who are vulnerable they Replace.


With new relationships forming over the past few days, and old relationships disintegrating, who will be safe and who will be Replaced?

Survival Of The Fittest airs at 9PM tonight on ITV2.