Survival Of The Fittest: Mettisse Campbell joins cast to replace Tia Latham

Mettisse Campbell is the latest new member of the Survival Of The Fittest cast 2018.


The 21-year-old Model and Beautician from Birmingham joins the show tonight.

She replaces Tia Latham who became the first to leave The Lodge last night.

In this evening’s episode, it’s a new day in the South African savannah.

Jenny and Georgie are talking about the impending Replacement and her effect on the team.

Mettisse Campbell b

Georgie says: “It’s going to change the dynamic now having a new Girl come in and from what happened yesterday [with the bottom three Girls being revealed], Georgia and Mariam, they’ve had a kick up their a*se.


“Not that they didn’t try their hardest before but maybe they need to have a different tactic… I think now we all know the consequence of not winning.”

Jenny adds: “I will run until I’m passing out, I’m not stopping. I will keep going until my feet fall off… If you don’t win, you’re out.”

Georgie gets a message which she reads to the Girls and Boys: “Girls, your new team member is about to arrive.”

Mettisse then walks across the bridge and enters The Lodge.

In the Treehouse, Tristan says: “My first impression of the new arrival is definitely fit.”

The Girls give Mettisse a tour of The Lodge whilst the Boys size up their new opposition.

James says: “She is an attractive girl. I think she’ll be quite good on the physical challenges. She does look athletic.”


Warren adds: “She looks like she trains.”


Meanwhile, Mettisse is settling into her new surroundings.

“You girls are so nice, I was worried because I’m coming in after, I was thinking everyone is going to be nasty,” she says.


Jenny replies: “We want to win! We can’t afford to be bitchy, that’s an advantage the boys could have against a group of girls, but not these girls!”

Survival of the Fittest continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.