Supermarket Sweep 2020 start date as show moves to ITV with Rylan Clark-Neal

When is Supermarket Sweep back? Air date for new series on TV

Rylan Clark-Neal’s Supermarket Sweep revival will be back on TV in 2020 on ITV.


Rylan replaced the late Dale Winton as frontman of the classic format when it was revived for the first time in twelve years in 2019.

The ITV2 series, which also included a Celebrity special, proved such a hit that it’s moving to ITV for its new series later this year.

Supermarket Sweep 2020 start date

Supermarket Sweep’s 2020 series will begin Tuesday September 1 at 3PM on ITV and continue week days.

There will also be six celebrity specials.

Rylan Clark-Neal will return as Host and Store Manager guiding the shoppers as they go wild in the aisles and try and make their way through to the all important ‘Super Sweep’ to win a cash prize.

All the iconic elements of the past will be returning, including the unforgettable inflatables and catchphrases, as well as an added dose of trivia and Rylan cheekiness.


As it was back in the day, this is the game show everyone wants to play so just remember, the next time you’re at the checkout and you hear the beep… think of the fun you could be having on Supermarket Sweep.

Host Rylan said: “I had the time of my life making Supermarket Sweep and have been so touched by the genuine warmth people had for the show.

“Taking Sweep to ITV is a dream come true and I can’t wait to welcome shoppers of all ages into our store.”

Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment Commissioning at ITV added: “Rylan is a brilliant addition to weekday afternoons and Sweep is a fantastic example of nostalgia rebooted for the 21st Century. We’re really excited to go wild in the aisles with him and Thames all over again!”


Amelia Brown, Managing Director of Thames, commented: “We are so excited about the return of Supermarket Sweep for a second series and to be moved to daytime on ITV just goes to show how much love there is for this show.

“It’s one of the classics and will no doubt thrive in its new home bringing so much fun to people’s afternoons.”