Strictly’s Angela Scanlon’s on embracing sequins, silly moves and sudden glamour


Angela Scanlon is getting ready to dazzle on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

In this interview, she shares her excitement, expectations and a few fun anecdotes ahead of the dance extravaganza.

Angela’s decision to participate in Strictly was motivated by a simple desire for joy and escapism.

She expresses: “Oh, it’s just pure joy. I think life is kind of serious sometimes, isn’t it? It’s escapism, it’s fun, and I just feel weirdly ready to engross myself in some sequins and glitter!”

Angela Scanlon & Carlos Gu
Angela Scanlon & Carlos Gu. Credit: BBC/Ray Burniston

The physical demands of the competition present a challenge for Angela, who humorously admits her less-than-stellar trampoline skills. She anticipates certain dances might be particularly challenging, quipping: “I’m genuinely not great on a trampoline, so I don’t know which dances involve the most jumping… the Charleston might be a problem for me?!” Despite these challenges, she’s ready to embrace the fun and silliness that Strictly offers.

As for being ‘Strictly-fied,’ Angela, typically a tomboy, is excited to surrender to the glitz and glamour of the show. She says: “I’m all in, well I think I am. I’m quite a tomboy, so in theory, I love it, but it’s the lady-like things that make me feel a little more uncomfortable! I’m up for it; I’ve kind of gone, ‘I’m going to surrender to it all!’.”

Reflecting on standout moments from previous series, Angela mentions Bill Bailey, who she found empowering and the memorable partnership of Hamza and Jowita, describing it as “otherworldly.”

Angela’s dance experience includes Irish dancing, known for its emphasis on maintaining stiffness from the waist up. She humorously wonders how her Irish dancing background will fare in Latin and Ballroom styles.

Angela Scanlon in a golden dress poses in front of a glittery blue background
Angela Scanlon. Credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston

In preparation for the show, Angela is incorporating reformer Pilates, stretching and light jogging. She admits that she hasn’t been very physically active in recent years but is adopting an “ignorance is bliss” approach.

She’s received some valuable advice from past contestants, who encouraged her to lean in and be brave. Angela is ready to embrace potential embarrassment as a positive learning experience.

Although she’s met a few fellow 2023 contestants, Angela views this as a fresh start. When asked about her biggest competition, she mentions Bobby, Nigel and Layton, acknowledging the presence of some dark horses in the competition.

Surprisingly, Angela doesn’t have her sights set on the Glitterball Trophy. Instead, she’s focused on the process and enjoying each step of the journey. As for her signature dance move at parties, she confidently states: “Absolutely… the running man!”

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday, 30 September on BBC One.