Strictly Come Dancing’s Mollie King and AJ Pritchard ‘romance’ explained


Mollie King and AJ Pritchard revealed the truth of their rumoured ‘romance’ following Strictly Come Dancing.

There were plenty of rumours that the couple had hooked up while on the show last year, and speculation continued after the series finished.

The pair were reportedly spotted out on dates last month, but it seems any potential relationship has fizzled out.

Denying they were together, Mollie said this month: “With Strictly, you expect romance rumours, especially as I was ­single.

“But we could laugh it off because we’re so close.”

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She explained: “Every now and again I do get linked to people I’m not with and I’m trying to get used to that, but with Strictly it’s just part of it.

“While I would like to settle down, I’d rather be with my friends than the wrong person.”

The Saturdays singer told The Sun newspaper: “I’d love to fall in love, for sure. I’m quite a girly girl and want to settle down at some point…

“I haven’t done the online thing, Match and Tinder, but it looks like fun, so never say never.

“Lots of my friends have met people on apps and it’s definitely the modern way to do it. But I’m a bit old school so I’d rather meet someone at a bar.”

In a separate interview, AJ also insisted the pair were “great friends” and denied they were ever an item.

“It was always just a laugh,” he told OK! magazine. “We’re just great friends for life. That’s all it was and that’s what it will always be.”

Meanwhile, Mollie spoke out after being ‘snubbed’ from Strictly’s live tour, which concluded earlier this month.

She said: “I miss the people and I miss dancing. I miss waking up knowing I have to learn a routine and having something to aim for every week.

Mollie King, AJ Pritchard
Mollie King, AJ Pritchard

“It is quite hard to fit in that much dancing, but I’d love to try some ballet. I think it will really help with toning and keeping up that strength.

“Ballet dancers always look so graceful though, and I’m the most ungraceful, un-flexible person ever, so I might be the worst in the class. I might even have to join the beginners.”

Strictly Come Dancing airs on BBC One.