Strictly Come Dancing voting figures won’t be revealed despite formal request

The BBC has said they won’t release Strictly Come Dancing voting figures despite requests.


Rival shows The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and I’m A Celebrity have each released detailed voting breakdowns at the end of their respective series but the BBC won’t be following suit.

Last year saw Joe McFadden win the latest run in the Strictly Come Dancing 2017 final between himself, Alexandra Burke, Debbie McGee, and Gemma Atkinson.

To date, we don’t know which of the celebs came second, third or fourth in the competition.

One viewer took the lack of voting results to the Information Commissioner’s Office after submitting a Freedom Of Information request.

However the BBC have insisted that the results are exempt from being disclosed.

They said: “Although the BBC is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, information which is closely connected to our programme-making is not covered by the Act.


“The Information Commissioner, who regulates the Act, has confirmed that information about public voting is not covered. We are therefore not required to disclose the voting figures under the Act.”

The spokesperson for the BBC added to the Daily Mail newspaper: “Releasing voting figures could affect the way that people vote and also have an impact on the participants. We therefore do not disclose the exact voting figures.”

Meanwhile, the finalists have insisted they DON’T want to know the full placings.

Speaking before the final last year, eventual winner Joe said: “It’s sort of all irrelevant.”

And Debbie said: “I don’t think it would be fair on people to release the voting figures because it would make some people feel really unpopular. And others…well.


“I don’t see why we need to know, as long as you know you got through.”

Strictly will return to BBC One for another series in the autumn of 2018.