Stephanie Davis is returning to Hollyoaks – but some cast are unhappy

Stephanie Davis is returning to Hollyoaks, she has announced.


However some of her fellow cast are reportedly unhappy with the decision.

The actress had originally played Sinead O’Connor on the Channel 4 soap for five years from 2010 but was apparently sacked in 2015 after on set drama.

Stephanie was reportedly axed by show bosses after allegedly turning up to work drunk.

“Stephanie Davis will no longer be filming Hollyoaks. Her contract has been terminated with immediate effect,” a spokesperson for the show said at the time.

However Stephanie herself insisted she walked out.

“I walked out and they tried to get me back several times, and I said no,” the TV star said, insisting that she was “most professional person you could ever meet”.


“I left because I had enough and I was just ready to move on, I’d been there since I was 16 and that was kind of it. I’m sad at the way it ended,” she told BBC’s Newsbeat.

Whatever went on, it seems all has been forgiven now.

Stephanie took to Instagram this week to announce she would be returning.

“So I can finally share with you all that I am going back to Hollyoak,” she wrote alongside a snap of herself and a copy of the latest script. “‪I’m so so excited to be going back and overwhelmed with all your support.

“Thank you everyone for sticking with me – it never goes unnoticed #sineadisback‬”.

But an insider told The Sun newspaper: “Some of the cast are p****d off that she is coming back. She caused chaos while she was here and the atmosphere of the set has been calmer since she went”.

Sinead was last seen storming out of Hollyoaks after finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her.


Following her exit, Stephanie went on to appear on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother where she struck up a relationship with Jeremy McConnell.

The pair – who are no longer together – welcomed a baby in 2017.

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