All Star Driving School: Paisley Billings replaces Vicky Pattison after driving test fail

Vicky Pattison has left E4’s All Star Driving School without taking her official driving test


Each week, a new batch of celebs will undergo tuition before taking their test at the end of their intensive course.

Last week saw The Vamps bassist Connor Ball, First Dates waitress CiCi Coleman and Tattoo Fixers receptionist Paisley Billings taking part.

The All Star Driving School opened its doors again this week to three brand new celebrity learners week nights at 7:30PM on E4. Paired up with their instructors, they’re unleashed onto the roads of Essex to embark on an intensive driving course, in the hope of passing their tests at the end of the week.

In last night episode, it was the day of the dreaded mock test and after just four days on the road, the celebs were panicking that they were not ready.

Vicky Pattison, who had struggled all week, failed her mock and cried at the end of it.

Things picked up for Vicky during the Speedway Race Track Challenge, in which the celebs have to prove they can maintain a consistent speed. She was announced joint winner with Sketch, leaving Nathan to come last.


However, at the end of the challenge, Vicky had an important announcement to make as she pulled out of the the show. It gave Paisley Billings, who appeared last week, a second chance.

In tonight’s show, after failing her test for a third time last week, Paisley gets another go. Will it be fourth time lucky?

Meanwhile, Tattoo Fixer Sketch has picked himself up from the mock test and even worn a shirt for the occasion. This, however, doesn’t stop him having a nightmare last lesson and whether he can hold it together for his test is anyone’s guess.

Finally, Nathan Henry from Geordie Shore has enjoyed a great week of bonding with his instructor Pells, but can he turn relationship success into a pass?


You’ll be able to keep up with the trio’s efforts all week at 7:30PM on E4.

Other celebs taking part over the series include TV personality and former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt, Made in Chelsea’s Francis Boulle.