Stanley Johnson will stick around on Made In Chelsea says Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo

Stanley Johnson will stay on Made In Chelsea following a cameo appearance Monday night.


The new series of the E4 show began this week, as Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo met up with her I’m A Celebrity co-star Stanley in London.

Toff was busier than ever with her new column and sought out the help of her distinguished friend, former MP Stanley.

The cameo appearance was first confirmed last year.

“He might be five decades older than the rest of the cast but he is a great addition to the show. Toff and the others love him,” a source said at the time.

Now Toff says Stanley will be sticking around to meet Toff’s Made In Chelsea’s pals.

“I haven’t actually let everyone loose to Stanley yet, but I think it’s natural progression,” she said at the TRIC Awards today. “Everyone will adore him of course.


“He’s such a legend and also, we need to bring the age up a little bit – we’re all in our 20s, you know. Bring it up.

“I’m so so pleased the Made in Chelsea viewers get to see our friendship carry on from Australia.”

Elsewhere in the opening episode of Made In Chelsea this week, having finally moved on from Frankie, Jamie was keen to introduce holiday romance Melody to Chelsea.

Meanwhile, newly arrived in London, Alik was hoping to make amends with Louise and Ryan, but when he overheard a chance remark from Louise, things took a turn for the worse.


Harry was in love with new girlfriend Melissa, but the relationship came under threat when Mimi had a revelation.

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