Stacey Dooley will dance on Strictly Come Dancing despite ‘painful’ injury

Stacey Dooley will dance on Strictly Come Dancing tonight despite a nasty injury.


Stacey shared a picture of herself in a hospital bed on social media earlier this week, but reassured fans she was okay.

The TV presenter and documentary maker announced gleefully: “Nothings broke!”

She added: “All the drugs and all the cuppas gonna hook us up! See you Sat! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH TO ALL THE STAFF. You are all bloody amazing.”

A spokesperson for Strictly Come Dancing said: “Stacey has a bruised rib and needs to rest it for a day. She will be back in training tomorrow.”

“It’s very painful,” added a rep for the star herself. “She is strapped up and the doctor has said she should be able to move in a couple of days.”

Appearing on It Takes Two, Stacey revealed what had happened.


She said: “Last week, [my ribs were] niggling me. We think it was the lean in the tango, don’t we? Impact! Impact! Impact! Then on the Monday when we’re training, I’ve sort of got this going on and then, bang!

“I just hit Kevin and I heard it tear. I was like, I’m gonna throw up. You know when you hit and you feel so bad and you feel like you’re gonna [vomit] everywhere? We had new choreographers, and I was embarrassed!”

She added: “So, I swallowed my own [vomit]. Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

Stacey went on to say defiantly: “I feel like, no-one likes a sob story. No-one likes to hear Moany Margaret. I’m just gonna go there, try and smash it, do my absolute best and whatever’s meant to be will be.”

This weekend Stacey and pro partner Kevin Clifton will be the latest to take on the ‘Couple’s Choice’ routine.

A brand new addition to Strictly Come Dancing for 2018, it allows the celebrities and their professionals to perform one of three more contemporary dance styles.

Stacey and Kevin have chosen to dance Street and Commercial to Empire State Of Mind (Part II) by Alicia Keys


Meanwhile, Stacey’s injury comes as her odds of winning the competition are slashed again.

She’s the hot favourite to triumph, even though she’s not been topping the leaderboard.

It was popstars Ashley Roberts and Faye Tozer who topped the scores again last week, but viewers are seemingly getting behind the underdog.


Grace Doubleday of bookmakers Ladbrokes said: “Stacey becomes more and more popular with every episode, and as far as punters are concerned she can do no wrong.”

Strictly Come Dancing returns tonight at 7:05PM with the latest performances and then the results air on Sunday at 7:50PM as another couple heads home.