Sorry I Didn’t Know: All about ITV’s brand new comedy panel show

ITV has announced a brand new comedy panel show Sorry I Didn’t Know.


The four-part series will air from October to mark Black History Month.

ITV describe the new programme as “A classic comedy panel show… but altogether new.”

Sorry, I Didn’t Know tests and teases players’ and audiences knowledge of untold stories and unsung heroes… History… With a touch of colour.

Jimmy Akingbola, star of hit ITV sitcom Kate and Koji, will host the series with two raucous teams headed up by Chizzy Akudolu and Judi Love.

Populated by raucous teams, Sorry, I Didn’t Know is a riotous showcase of some of the hottest comedians from diverse backgrounds that we rarely see on such shows, as they embrace the gaping lack of knowledge we all have when it comes to Black history.

Each episode sees two teams of 3 battle it out over four rounds, unveiling interesting Black history facts along the way.

ITV tease: “Sorry, I Didn’t Know is bold, tongue-in-cheek and unapologetic, with something for everyone – no matter what their colour or demographic.”


Sorry I Didn’t Know will start at 10:45PM on ITV on Tuesday, October 6.

The first week features guests Tom Allen, Colin Salmon, Angie Le Marand Paul Chowdhry.

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