Sophie Ellis-Bextor reveals all about The Masked Singer after performing as Alien


Sophie Ellis-Bextor has spilled all about her time on The Masked Singer.

The new series of The Masked Singer launched on Saturday on ITV and Sophie Ellis-Bextor was the first singer to be unmasked. Performing as Alien, Sophie sang Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa.

The first show saw six characters performing their debut songs as viewers got to meet Alien, Robin, Swan, Dragon, Sausage and Badger.

After all had performed, it was Alien, Swan and Badger that found themselves in the bottom three with Alien the first character to ‘take it off,’ revealing Kitchen Disco queen Sophie Ellis-Bextor beneath the elaborate, sparkly out of this world costume.

Speaking about leaving the show, Sophie said: “I left first so I felt like a gymnast who had a cool routine with jumps and twists, who then left after their first comedy somersault.

“But it’s cool – I do my flips and jumps better with my own head on.”

She continued: “My kids found it absolutely hilarious that I had put on some weird accent, they were like ‘why on Earth did you do that?’.

“For me I remember last year when the show was on, saying to someone oh there is no way I could do that programme because people always say I’ve got a distinctive voice.

“So I thought I’ve got to jump in with both feet really, and play the game because it’s not really a singing competition, it’s an identity competition.

“I suppose it’s a compliment, but the fact that as soon as I opened my mouth even as the Alien my one year old, and I don’t even know how he did this, pointed at the TV and said ‘mummy’.

And it wasn’t just Sophie’s daughter that identified her.

She added: “They didn’t put it in the edit but three of the judges said my name on the day, so I already knew I’d been rumbled very quickly!”

Asked why she signed up for the series, Sophie shared: “The craziness of the show! And getting the chance to try and sing sounding unlike me. I love a challenge and why not do it dressed as an extraterrestrial?!

“It was brilliant and fun. My alien was the essence of a K-Pop star… all peace signs and hearts. Not a scary Alien.”

Sophie confessed she was nervous ahead of her performance, revealing: “I was on a platform and couldn’t see too well. I thought I might fall off!”

When it came to keeping her appearance on the show a secret, Sophie added: “I loved it! The hoodie you wear says ‘don’t speak to me’ and quite frankly it’s the best hoodie I’ve ever owned.

“It turns out most of my friends and family don’t ask me much about my job after all! It was only down to my own willpower after that.”

The Masked Singer airs on ITV on Saturdays at 7PM.

Picture: ITV