Social distancing has put an end to on-screen kisses

Soap writers are having to rework storylines due to social distancing restrictions.


After filmed stopped in March, production is set to resume on shows such as EastEnders and Emmerdale.

However social distancing means that actors will be unable to come into close contact with one another meaning kissing is strictly forbidden.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “This even spells the end of holding hands. We all have to keep the 2m distance.”

The Sun meanwhile reports that an explosive affair storyline in EastEnders has been reworked to abide by the new rules.

“Any sexy scenes between the characters have been binned,” a source explained. “The affair will still go ahead but any passionate scenes will be suggested and nuanced, rather than acted out on screen.”

They added: “The bosses are adamant the affair storyline can go ahead and be filmed safely.

“The welfare of the cast is the priority but they also want to keep the standard of EastEnders high — and that means some shocking storylines in the coming months.”

The BBC previously announced that filming on EastEnders is due to resume by the end of June.

ITV started production on Emmerdale last week with six new episodes featuring characters during the lockdown.


Emmerdale executive producer Jane Hudson said: “Lockdown has created an opportunity for us to focus on what is important in our lives. When we first discussed commissioning these episodes back in March the writers instantly rose to the challenge. Seven weeks into lockdown and the scripts have an added poignancy and meaning.

“The response from everyone at Emmerdale to filming these episodes has been fantastic and we’re really grateful for their support.”