Celebrity Snoop Dogs episodes and how to watch wacky new show online

Celebrity Snoop Dogs voiceover and where to watch online

Channel 4 is airing quite possibly the most unique show of the ongoing lockdown.


New series Celebrity Snoop Dogs is described as a “celebrity property show like no other”.

The “innovative and barking mad new format” will see cameras go inside the locked-down houses of well-known faces around the country – but in order to adhere to social distancing, there will be no film crews.

Instead, the filming is done by the celebrity homeowners’ dogs who will be equipped with Go-Pro cameras.

Narrated by Kevin McCloud, Episodes air Friday nights on Channel 4 at 8:30PM. You can watch episodes online and catch up via All 4.

Celebrity Snoop Dogs episodes

Episode 1 – June 26

The first episode goes inside the home of an adorable four-year-old Lhasa apso, who enjoys a leisurely life in his owner’s beautiful open-plan home, and a good sniff around reveals a very impressive shoe collection.

We also go through the door of a beautiful eight-year-old Labrador mix, who enjoys good food and a snoop around the games room in her countryside abode. The question is, who do these well-behaved dogs and their fabulous homes belong to?


Episode 2 – July 3

In this episode, we snoop inside the home of an adorable five-month-old Cockalier, who’s still finding his feet and enjoys pushing the boundaries.

Then we go through the door of a very handsome, strong and protective four-year-old Shar Pei, who enjoys patrolling the place and having a good sniff around the bedroom. The question is, who do these beautiful dogs and their fabulous homes belong to?

Episode 3 – July 10

Episode 3 snoops inside the homes of a pug and a Maltese: two small dogs with big personalities. Is it a case of ‘like owner, like dog’ when we find out who these gorgeous pooches and their fabulous homes belong to?


Channel 4 tease: “The four-legged friends will turn pup-arazzi on their owners and show us upstairs and downstairs, under the beds and behind the sofas of our favourite celebs – and anywhere else the canines fancy sniffing out.

“The identities of the celebrities are kept under wraps until the end of each episode as viewers play along to guess who the paw-sible doggy-loving homeowner could be.”

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