Smuggled: New show sees people attempt to smuggle themselves into the UK

Smuggled Channel 4 air date

A new Channel 4 series is putting the security of the UK’s borders to the test.

In the wake of Brexit, as the UK prepares to ‘take back control’ of its borders and end freedom of movement for EU citizens, the new two-part show will explore how effective Britain’s border security really is.

Channel 4 say: “The security of the UK’s frontiers is a major political concern, but very little is known by the public about how easy it really is to clandestinely enter Britain.”

Titled Smuggled, the two hour long episodes will see several ordinary British citizens attempt to smuggle themselves from a variety of locations around continental Europe back into Britain without using their passport, evading Border Force authorities altogether.

Smuggled will air on Channel 4 from Monday, November 4 at 9PM.

The series is an unprecedented national security experiment: no one has ever tested our borders on this scale, with such a large variety of methods.

From boats to lorries, ferries to car boots – all of the contributors attempt routes that have been used by those seeking to enter the country clandestinely or by people traffickers and drug dealers.

Retired couple David and Carolynne plan to hide Carolynne in their motorhome on a ferry crossing.

Asher will attempt to cross the Channel in the kind of boat used by people smugglers.

Lorry driver Tony will test the authorities in Calais by trying to smuggle through youth worker Alim.

Journalist Khurram will attempt to enter the UK with someone else’s passport.

New Home Secretary Priti Patel says she’s determined to keep Britain’s borders secure – deal or no deal. This series aims to test the scale of the task facing her, whilst raising broader questions about what we can reasonably expect of our Border Force without turning the country into a fortress.

Alf Lawrie, Head of Factual Entertainment at Channel 4 said: “This dramatic series has real purpose at its heart. Extreme, authentic, and utterly timely, it is a stand-out experiment that we hope will inform the national conversation.”

Ed Kellie, Executive Producer and Founder of programme makers ScreenDog added: “Our borders fuel fiery debate, but little is known about how secure they really are. The best way to truly find out is to try to break through.”

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