Small Town, Big Story: New Sky series to star Christina Hendricks and Paddy Considine

Sky has announced new drama Small Town, Big Story.

Christina Hendricks (Good Girls, Mad Men) and Paddy Considine (House of the Dragon) will in the series, created and directed by Chris O’Dowd (Moone Boy).

The six-part series is about the fictional town of Drumbán, a rural village of rattled misfits on the border of Ireland and another world, and what happens when a Hollywood production rolls into town and throws the spotlight on a secret that’s been kept hidden since the eve of the Millennium.

Filming is underway in Ireland and will be released on Sky and streaming service NOW in 2024.

Christina Hendricks stars as Wendy Patterson, a local girl done good as a hot-shot television producer, who returns to her hometown from LA with a Hollywood production in tow. Paddy Considine stars as Drumbán’s local doctor and pillar of the community Seamus Proctor.

Eileen Walsh (Catastrophe) stars as Catherine Proctor, Seamus’ wife and local schoolteacher. Leia Murphy (Fair City) and David Rawle (Moone Boy) star as siblings Joanne and Sonny Proctor. Patrick Martins (The Confessions of Frannie Langton) stars as Jules O’Brien, Evanne Kilgallon (Obituary) stars as Shelly McGoldrick, Andrew Bennett (The Quiet Girl) stars as Barry Battles, Ruth McCabe (Aisha) stars as Betty Battles, David Wilmot (Station Eleven, The Alienist) stars as Keith McCurdle.

Further casting is to be announced.

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