Sky welcomes UK’s worst singers for new series Anyone Can Sing


Sky is to welcome the country’s worst singers to take part in a new TV show.

Anyone Can Sing will air on Sky Arts later this year.

The show will see six participants put through their paces as their voices are transformed from screeching in the shower to singing like a real soprano, proving that all of us can hold a tune.

They will be mentored by English National Opera’s world-class vocal coaches, giving masterclasses on everything from vocal technique to stage presence and setting them a series of musical challenges to take their singing to the next level – all in the space of three months.

Plus, a few well-known faces such as Katherine Jenkins will also lend a hand along the way as the tone deaf and off-key start to hit all the right notes.

Anyone Can Sing will air on Sky Arts (Freeview Channel 11) and NOW from 30 March 2022 at 8PM with episodes continuing Wednesdays.

For now you can watch a first trailer below!

Phil Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Arts and Entertainment, commented: “If I were to sing to you you’d be covering your ears, running for the hills, begging me to PLEASE STOP.

“So when the brilliant people at the English National Opera told me they could get anyone, and they stressed anyone, singing tunefully so your ears didn’t bleed we had to take them up on the challenge to turn Britain’s tone deaf into singers. We firmly believe that participation in the arts is as important as watching and enjoying and we can’t wait to see how this experiment in joining-in unfolds.”

Annilese Miskimmon, Artistic Director, ENO commented: “Here at the English National Opera we know how much work opera singers put into making their singing look so effortless. With the amazing support of top opera stars, we’re going to prove that anyone can sing.

“Opera is all about the drama, the emotion, and the passion, so what could be more dramatic and exhilarating than going from singing in the shower to hitting the highest of musical notes? We think singing is pretty great, and we want everyone to give it a go.”

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