Sky Max welcomes Rob Beckett’s Smart TV – a new comedy quiz show

Rob Beckett's Smart TV
Rob Beckett with Alison Hammond and Josh Widdicombe. Credit: Tom Dymond

Sky Max has announced the launch of Rob Beckett’s Smart TV, a brand-new comedy show focusing on the world of television.

The show, starting on Thursday, 29 February at 9PM on Sky Max and NOW, promises a fast-paced, humorous exploration of television’s magic.

Hosted by popular comedian Rob Beckett, the show is a tribute to the most adored and occasionally detested TV shows.

Rob will be joined by team captains Alison Hammond, a beloved television personality since rising to fame on Big Brother in 2003, and Josh Widdicombe, a renowned comedian with additional talents in acting and presenting.

Every episode will feature guest appearances from notable actors, comedians, presenters, and personalities, including regular contributions from actress, comedian, and screenwriter Natasia Demetriou. The eight-episode series, each lasting 45 minutes, will see the teams battle it out in trivia-filled rounds, testing their knowledge about all things TV.

In the first episode will feature Jon Richardson, Russell Tovey, Stacey Dooley and Jamie Laing.

Rob Beckett said: “I am very excited to be hosting Rob Beckett’s Smart TV. The show was named before I was asked to be the host so as a person named Rob Beckett it seems only fitting that I, Rob Beckett, should be at the helm. It’s an honour to work alongside the Queen of TV Alison Hammond and it’s a shame that I can’t seem to shake off Josh Widdicombe. But in the words of Bewitched and some French people ‘C’est La Vie’. All the shows have been really funny to film so I can’t wait for everyone to watch them. As well as all the other Rob Beckett’s in the world sat there thinking I could have hosted this.”

Alison Hammond enthused: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be a team captain on Smart TV. I understand why they have chosen me – firstly I love TV and secondly, I’m smart. LOL! I can’t wait to have fun looking at the TV shows I know and love! It’s like going out for a night with your mates, doing a quiz and escaping life!”

Josh Widdicombe added: “Rob and Alison are two of my favourite people in the world, well, Alison is. But mainly I’m excited as finally someone has come up with a show where I can talk about Neighbours, Gladiators, Noel’s House Party and other cool and up to the minute TV hits. Bring it on!”

The show, airing on Sky Max and NOW from 29 February, is produced by Talkback (a Fremantle label).

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