Sky cancels Bulletproof after Noel Clarke misconduct allegations

Sky has axed TV series Bulletproof following misconduct allegations against actor Noel Clarke.


The move follows accusations of misconduct from 20 women published in The Guardian, with the TV and film star vehemently denying the claims.

A spokesperson for Sky told Variety: “Sky will not be proceeding with any further series of Bulletproof.”

Production company Vertigo Films also told the publication that it “will not make any future series of Bulletproof.”

Work on the planned fourth season of police drama Bulletproof was halted in April after news of the allegations first broke.

In a statement to Deadline at the time, Sky said: “Sky stands against all forms of sexual harassment and bullying and takes any allegations of this nature extremely seriously. Effective immediately, we have halted Noel Clarke’s involvement in any future Sky productions.”

Vertigo Films, who produce Bulletproof, said in their own statement: “We are devastated to hear about these allegations and have launched an urgent investigation to find out if any apply to any Vertigo Films productions. Our immediate concern is for any cast or crew who may have had a negative experience on set.


“We have robust procedures in place for reporting incidents, including the ability to raise issues anonymously. And while no issues have been flagged to us, we stand ready to support anyone who has had a negative experience on the show and encourage you to come forward with confidence. Effective immediately, Noel Clarke is removed from any Vertigo Films production.”

Meanwhile Ashley Walters, who co-wrote and co-starred in Bulletproof, said in a statement last month: “My thoughts are with the women who have come forward and told their awful stories. I’m in shock and deeply saddened by what I have heard on a multitude of levels.

“I could never condone behaviour of this nature neither in nor out of the workplace, and whilst Noel has been a friend and colleague for several years, I cannot stand by and ignore these allegations.


“Sexual harassment, abuse and bullying have no place in our industry.

“Every woman has the right to a safe workplace and moving forward I pledge my dedication to this.”