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New documentary series Lockerbie coming to Sky and NOW

A new documentary series exploring the Lockerbie disaster is coming to Sky.


Titled Lockerbie, the three part series tells the incredible true story of Britain’s deadliest terrorist atrocity and the most fatal terrorist attack on America before 9/11: the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, when 270 people lost their lives on the night of December 21 1988.

Sky share: “The documentary will speak to individuals closely linked to the disaster and the years-long investigation that followed it.

“With access to victims’ families, investigators, intelligence officers and other key figures who have not spoken until now, the series will examine unanswered questions and explore the truth behind the atrocity to provide a definitive account of the bombing and its aftermath and – ultimately – who was responsible.”

Lockerbie launches on 25 November on Sky Documentaries and NOW

Poppy Dixon, Director of Documentaries and Factual for Sky said: “The tragedy of Lockerbie still looms large in our recent history, and yet we’ve not seen a long form, forensic deep dive into the story, and nothing which brings it up to the present day.

“The rigorous and thoughtful approach that John and the team are taking leaves me in no doubt this series will do justice to this complex story, and we’re honoured to be bringing it to our customers at Sky.”


John Dower, Director for Mindhouse Productions added: ”I vividly remember Lockerbie from my teenage years of growing up in a Scottish household, but revisiting the event over 30 years later realized how little I knew about the actual event and the way it continues to reverberate down the years.

“For me that is a great starting point for a documentary and I feel a real responsibility not only to the complexity of the story but also to the families on both sides of the Atlantic. I’m also delighted to be teaming up again with Louis Theroux and his new company Mindhouse to undertake this challenge.”

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