Singletown couple are expecting a baby after appearing on ITV2 show


Singletown couple Natasha Finn and Luke Louza have announced some exciting news.

The pair were recently appeared in new ITV2 show Singletown, which sees couples pause their relationship and spend the summer single.

Airing weeknights at 9PM, at the end of each week a ‘Love Locket Ceremony’ sees the couples come to face to face to decide if they want to end their journey of discovery by reuniting or stick to flying solo.

The ultimate relationship test worked for Natasha and Luke who reunited after the very first week last Friday.

And they’ve since shared the wonderful news that they’re expecting a child.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Luke wrote: “Love this woman more than she knows. She will be the best mother to our child ❤️. Im gonna have to learn from her cus i can’t even hold a baby.”

Natasha wrote on her social media: “I love this man with all my heart! I have been truely blessed with all the happiness in the world. Leaving together was the BEST thing we ever did!

“We both had a fun time being apart of the show and being able to meet our amazing housemates who helped us discover what we both wanted from our relationship (we love you btw guys) Living apart from someone you have lived with for almost 3years is refreshing and actually puts your whole relationship and life into perspective.

“We actually do have a happy, loving relationship and I really cant ask for more than that! (Maybe some flowers here and there ??) Thank you to everyone who has watched and supported the show. Your kind messages and love are much appreciated ?? so here is to the rest of our lives luke. I love you forever and ever babe ??”

24-year-old Natasha and 29-year-old Luke are from the West Midlands and started the show at a crossroads in their two-and-a-half-year relationship.

Natasha was ready for a ring, but Luke could not see that happening any time soon as he believed they were not at that stage of the relationship yet, coupled with commitment issues.

Natasha had concerns that she was going to get “stuck in a relationship that is not going to go anywhere,” and joked that she’s “not going to get any hotter” so hoped Singletown will help Luke come to a decision about their relationship and their future as a couple.

It worked, with the pair reunited after the first week and staying as a couple.

Singletown continues at 9PM on weeknights on ITV2.