Silent Witness start date confirmed for new series in 2024

Silent Witness TV schedule
Silent Witness 2024 cast group photo

Silent Witness is back for a new series in 2024 with the BBC confirming a release date.

The hugely popular drama Silent Witness is back with its 27th series

The longest-running crime drama currently airing on TV returns with ten thrilling new episodes to BBC One and iPlayer.

When does Silent Witness start?

Silent Witness’s new series will begin on TV on Monday, 8 January 2024 at 9PM and continue on Tuesday, 9 January.

As well as watching on TV, episodes will be available to watch online via iPlayer.

In the 27th series, Dr Nikki Alexander, forensic specialist Jack Hodgson, and their committed team join forces with the police to unravel some of their most perplexing and harrowing cases to date. The discovery of a body in a deserted church triggers alarm, suggesting the return of a serial killer after two decades. Meanwhile, a wave of fear sweeps a university campus as a series of deaths occur, leaving everyone in danger. Elsewhere, a forgotten mummified body is found, and a chilling discovery of multiple bodies in a makeshift mass grave under a train station adds to the intrigue.

Emilia Fox as Nikki Alexander in the first episode of the new series of Silent Witness

As they delve into these mysteries, the team’s skills and resolve are pushed to the brink. Gabriel, seeking guidance, turns to Jack in a surprising manner, leading to unforeseen consequences at work. Velvy, attempting to protect his family, faces personal sacrifices. Cara, navigating the complexities of London’s student life, finds herself entangled in friendships and rivalries. Her stint at the Lyell Centre impresses Jack, but she soon finds herself in a critical situation involving Velvy. Amidst these challenges, Nikki and Jack tackle one of their toughest cases yet, which strengthens their bond more than ever.

Who’s on the cast?

Those confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming episodes are:

  • Emilia Fox plays Nikki Alexander
  • David Caves plays Jack Hodgson
  • John Hannah plays Dr Charles Beck
  • Aki Omoshaybi plays Professor Gabriel Folukoya
  • Alastair Michael plays Velvy Schur
  • Rhiannon May plays Cara Connelly
  • Leo Staar plays Calvin Dunn
  • Josette Simon plays DCI Ford

Further casting for the upcoming series is to be announced in the coming weeks.

Watch Silent Witness online

For those in the UK, past series of Silent Witness are available to catch-up on BBC iPlayer here.

Past episodes and series of Silent Witness are also available on Prime Video here or Apple TV+ here.

You can also get episodes on DVD here.

Silent Witness first aired in 1996 and recently marked its landmark 25th series. To date, almost 250 episodes have been broadcast. Amanda Burton originally led the cast before Emilia Fox took over.