Sick of It series 2 start date, cast and first trailer

Sick of It 2020 air date, cast, spoilers and number of episodes

Karl Pilkington returns to Sky One to play the character of Karl in a second series of Sick of It.


From the cast and air date to a first look, here’s all you need to know about Sick Of It series 2.

Sick of It the critically acclaimed tragi-comedy about a middle-aged man haunted by the voice inside his head as he lurches from one existential crisis to another.

Surreal, joyful, poignant, and peppered with Karl’s trademark wit and comic philosophising, series 2 plunges us further into the world of the lovable loser with a weakness for biscuits.

Sick of It series 2 cast

Karl is joined in series 2 by cast that include cult US comedian Doug Stanhope (Louie, Roseanne), Jo Hartley (This is England, In My Skin, After Life) Dean Lennox-Kelly (Shameless, Jamestown) and Sinead Matthews (Happy Go Lucky, The Crown, Chewing Gum).

Also on the cast are Silas Carson (Trust, Phantom Thread, A Casual Vacancy) Cariad Lloyd (Peep Show, Inside No.9) as well as regulars Marama Corlett (The Watch, Guardians of the Galaxy), and Sondra James (Joker: The Movie, High Maintenance).

Sick of It series 2 will begin Friday 10 January at 10PM, available on Sky One and NOW TV.


Series 2 has six episodes.

What to expect from series 2

A teaser from series 2 of Sick Of It reveals: “When his elderly aunt Norma hires a young sparky care worker – Ruby, Karl feels pushed out and embarks on some soul-searching.

“He comes to the realisation that he needs to do more with his life and tries to overcome his low self-esteem and anxiety issues to better himself, upgrade his career and find love – invariably failing miserably.”

Karl says: “Sick of It Series two is about a bloke who is a bit fed up – he’s not depressed. It’s just sort of that run of the mill life that a lot of people have and he’s just at a point in his life where things aren’t that great.

“He’s finished with his girlfriend, he’s living with his Auntie. It hadn’t probably turned out as he would have hoped when he was younger. He’s got no mates either. That’s part of the problem. No one really close to him. Since his girlfriend left, he’s kind of on his own. So he’s dealing with everything in his head.

“Episode one is sort of about insecurities, wanting to have a use in life – we’ve all had that. I suppose self-esteem is also a big topic in Series Two. I suppose he doesn’t feel that good about himself in the series, he wants to do better but we can’t all do well can we.”


For now, you can watch a first look trailer below…

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