Could Sherlock return? Martin Freeman hints it’s not off the table


More than five years have elapsed since fans last joined Sherlock Holmes and John Watson for their thrilling adventures on the BBC’s Sherlock.


Yet, the longing for more stories featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s astute detective and Martin Freeman’s devoted, albeit often tested, friend has only intensified.

For fans waiting for news a reunion, Martin has recently offered a glimmer of hope.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show, Martin revealed the door to the show’s return is not entirely closed.

He began: “I don’t know Personally, I’m a fan of things being finite. I like things ending. I think it’s natural for things to end…”

However Martin then continued: “But I’m also a sucker for a good idea and a good script.”

He concluded: “If something comes up that persuades us all – it would have to be us all – then my door would always be open.”


Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat previously expressed his willingness to revive the series.

However he admitted the loss of actress Una Stubbs in 2021, who played Mrs. Hudson, could make any potential future production “too sad.”

He told the Radio Times of reviving the show: “There’s just one little problem. It’s actually one big problem that none of us might be able to get past.

“Where’s Mrs. Hudson? Where’s Una Stubbs? And maybe if we reassemble that set, and she didn’t magically appear, we might all be too sad to make a show.”

Separately, the writer also praised Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman for their loyalty to the show.


He explained: “They were very loyal to that show over a very long life when it definitely became their lowest paying job. And I don’t think that’s necessarily what they want to do now.”

For now, you can stream Sherlock via BBC iPlayer.

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