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Sharon Osbourne reveals her X Factor fights with Simon Cowell

Sharon Osbourne has revealed how she and Simon Cowell fought constantly on The X Factor.


Sharon was a judge on the show’s first series in 2004 until 2007, before returning in 2013 and once again in 2016.

Throughout that time Sharon’s relationship with fellow judge and X Factor boss Simon was rocky – to say the least.

She recalled this weekend: “When I first started to do a show with Simon Cowell, I was probably worse than Roseanne. I would fight with him all the time, all the time, and I thought I had the perfect right to do it.”

Sharon said in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Which, I mean, I was delusional, totally delusional.

“But I was much younger, my ego was as big as my a**. That’s what you do.”

Reflecting on her more recent X Factor series with Simon, Sharon continued: “Fifteen years later, we laugh about the things that I was arguing about.


“You grow up, you get the pecking order, you see how it’s done – and then you just shut up and smile.”

Sharon is expected to return to The X Factor once more in 2018, alongside Simon and Louis Walsh.

However, there are rumours Nicole Scherzinger may not be back and replaced by Cheryl.

Reports last month claimed that Cheryl is to start ‘final talks’ to return to the show again.

The former judge – who appeared on the show between 2008 and 2010 and then again in 2014 and 2015 – is rumoured for another comeback.


“The bosses need to confirm how long the series will run for and what time it will air each week,” an insider said in February. “Once those decisions are made and agreed, the bosses will have the green light to start talking to Cheryl officially and discuss contracts with her.”

The X Factor will air on ITV later this year.