Sephy Francisco SHOCKS X Factor judges with this unusual audition

Sephy Francisco shocked the X Factor 2018 judges in tonight’s auditions.


Simon Cowell, Ayda Williams, Robbie Williams and Louis Tomlinson were back behind the judges’ desk tonight.

They returned to Wembley Arena for the latest round of try outs in front of a strong 4,000-strong audience.

One of the acts singing for the panel was Sephy Francisco.

The 27 year old call centre agent flew in from the Philippines to sing for the panel.

She told the judges her inspirations included big divas such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.


Sephy began to belt out Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s duet The Prayer and shocked everyone by taking on both the male and female parts.

Ayda reacted: “That was a surprise!”

Simon joked: “I’ve never judged a duo who is one person.

“I save money, you make more money.”

With four yeses, Sephy made it through to the next round.

You can watch the audition above!

More contestants in Saturday’s show included Tom Richards, who first auditioned in 2010 with Louis Tomlinson, and Armstrong Martins who surprised with his take on a High School Musical classic.

Also going before the judges were the LMA Choir, made up of singers from Liverpool, and teenager Georgia Burgess, who gave an incredible first audition.

“We get a lot of girls around your age that can sing but there’s not really an identity but with you, you’re absolutely incredible Georgia,” Ayda said.


Louis raved: “The power you have, the effortless riffs, it’s too much for my brain to comprehend. You are absolutely fantastic.”

The X Factor 2018 auditions return tomorrow night, September 16 at 8PM on ITV.

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