Scotland The New Wild: New natural history series comes to BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland is set to present a breathtaking new series showcasing the diverse and captivating wildlife, habitats and scenery of Scotland.


The three-part series Scotland The New Wild offers an intimate and comprehensive portrait of Scotland’s unique wildlife, featuring never-before-filmed behaviours and stories of rare species facing uncertain futures.

Each episode will explore a different part of the country, including the Islands, the Lowlands and the Highlands, highlighting the challenges facing the natural world amidst the climate change and biodiversity crisis.

Habitats featured in the series range from the majestic Caledonian forest in the Highlands to the vibrant machair of the Western Isles and the vital seagrass meadows in Scotland’s coastal waters. The series will also uncover unexpected urban wildlife surprises. Viewers can expect to witness captivating moments such as dramatic fights between grey seal bulls on the remote Monach Isles, Red deer rutting on the Isle of Rum and peregrine falcons patrolling Edinburgh’s skies.

Produced by Glasgow-based Maramedia in co-production with Terra Mater Studios, Skyland Productions and Doclights/NDR Naturfilm, the series promises stunning and dramatic footage, capturing the extraordinary beauty of Scotland’s wildlife.

The series will have its UK debut on the BBC Scotland channel and will also be shown in Austria and Germany before further international screenings.

The series is filmed by acclaimed wildlife filmmaker Fergus Gill and will be narrated by the up-and-coming Scottish actor Thoren Ferguson. The stunning visuals will be complemented by a specially composed soundtrack by award-winning Glasgow-based composer Fraser Purdie.

A start date for the series is to be announced.

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