Scarlett Moffatt brands Gogglebox ‘exploitative’ as she reveals pay

Scarlett Moffatt has revealed how she was paid £50 and a takeaway to film Gogglebox.


Reflecting on her time on the Channel 4 show in a recent interview, Scarlett suggested her time on the show was “a bit exploitative”.

Chatting to Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe on their podcast Parenting Hell, Scarlett shared: “My dad, the man who says nothing on Gogglebox said ‘It’s £50 and a free takeaway innit? That’s honestly how it started. £50 each we used to get and a takeaway.”

Scarlett Moffatt
Picture: Instagram/@ScarlettMoffatt

Rob replied: “I think it’s a p***take because you weren’t allowed to do anything else. You probably wouldn’t be able to do this [podcast] when you were on Gogglebox. They’ve got quite strict contracts.”

Scarlett continued: “Because I didn’t live at home, I thought, this is a perfect way of actually being able to go home and watch telly with my family, have a takeaway and stuff. So actually it was quite nice. When I look back it’s fond memories.

“Yeah but you were getting paid £50,” Rob told her. “Do you know how much Channel 4 are getting paid for adverts?”

Scarlett then commented: “Do you know what always think about – I’ve never actually said this before – but it was a bit exploitative. My face was on T-shirts, Easter eggs, books. We couldn’t like agree to that, disagree. We didn’t get paid for any of that.


“Now I think about that, I should have been getting at least a penny for each Easter egg sold or something with my face on!”

Now families on Gogglebox are currently paid £1,500 a month, according to The Sun.

They commit to 12 hours of filming a week in two, six hour long shifts.

Scarlett Moffatt on I'm A Celebrity


However the show’s stars can earn a lot more from additional TV appearances. Scarlett appeared on I’m A Celebrity in 2016. More recently, Gogglebox’s Stephen Lustig-Webb joined Dancing On Ice.

Gogglebox continues on Friday nights on Channel 4 on TV and online.