Sam Gowland hits back at claims Chloe Ferry romance is ‘fake’

Sam Gowland has hit back at ‘showmance’ claims over his relationship with Chloe Ferry.


Love Islander Sam Gowland is joining Geordie Shore’s cast for the next season, which starts tonight on MTV.

He and Geordie Shore regular Chloe started a fling on the show, but Sam insists it’s not just for the cameras.

“It’s like anything – people have got opinions on it,” he said this week. “But the only opinion that matters for me is mine and Chloe’s. I couldn’t give a f*** what anyone else thinks. It’s only between me and her, not them.”

Speaking to The Sun ahead of this evening’s episode, Sam added: “But I suppose opinions are a good thing because if no one had an opinion it wouldn’t be worthwhile watching.

“As long as me and Chloe know what the crack is, I’m not really too fussed what anyone else thinks.”

Sam said the MTV show was “more my scene” following his stint in Love Island last summer.


He explained: “When I got the opportunity I thought ‘yeah it’s more my scene’ – going out. It’s paid off. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done and I’ve obviously come off and now I’m seeing a girl as well.

“They’re two different scenes. With Love Island it’s only a couple of drinks a night, where Geordie is more my scene.”

Sam was a contestant on ITV2’s Love Island in 2017 but was dumped after three weeks.


He then re-entered the villa on Day 39, only to be re-dumped a week later.

Geordie Shore’s new series airs Tuesday nights at 10PM on MTV.