Ferne McCann explains Sam Faiers ‘feud’ over rival reality shows


Ferne McCann has explained about her ‘feud’ with former pal Sam Faiers over their rival reality TV shows.

Both Sam and Ferne have been given series by ITVBe focusing on the apparently lucrative ‘mummy market’.

Ferne’s reality show First Time Mum debuted as a one-off last year but is now set to return for a second series.

A three-part follow up series has reportedly been commissioned, following Ferne and her new life with baby Sunday.

Meanwhile, Billie Faiers joined sister Sam Faiers for a third series of The Mummy Diaries on ITVBe, which aired its final episode last week.

Sources previously claimed how the rival shows had prompted a ‘bitter feud’ between the former TOWIE stars.

An insider alleged to heat magazine: “Sam’s team are furious as they’ve heard Ferne got £250,000 for her reality show in December, whereas Sam only got a tenth of that for her first show.

“They feel like Ferne is trying to steal Sam’s thunder and muscle in on her territory. It was nothing malicious on Ferne’s part, as her management always wanted her to go down the reality TV route, as she’s so popular.”

Now Ferne has confirmed the rumours, telling the Daily Mail: “The reason as far as I’m concerned is that she fell out with me is because I decided to take this show.

“We had like 15 years of friendship, my first baby is one week apart from her baby and it can still be lovely and all I’ll say is it’s a terrible shame.”

She added to the tabloid: “To make this clear. Sam fell out with me. I haven’t done anything wrong but take the show and of course I was going to take it.”

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper previously, Sam had admitted that she and Ferne “haven’t seen eye to eye” but insisted there wasn’t a “major” feud between them.

Sam revealed: “Over quite a long period of time we haven’t seen eye to eye on a number of things.

“We’ve drifted apart from each other. We’ve grown up and grown apart but there’s no major feud.”