Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries spoilers and air date

The Mummy Diaries 2019 air date and number of episodes

Billie Faiers joins sister Sam Faiers for a new series of The Mummy Diaries on ITVBe.

The new series begins on Wednesday, March 6 at 9PM.

Following the success of the last four series, Sam Faiers and sister Billie once again throw open their doors for the fifth instalment of Sam & Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries.

In the new eight part series, the countdown for Billie and Greg’s Wedding day in The Maldives has begun and there’s a lot to arrange. In Hertfordshire, Sam juggles running the family business with looking after 2 kids and with Rosie starting to walk it’s about to get harder. The family jet off to celebrate Sam and Little Paul’s birthdays in style and Rosie says her first word.

As Maid of Honour to Billie, Sam gets stuck in to wedding prep and the sisters make some big decisions about the special day. Over in Essex, Billie and Greg are making arrangements for their Wedding day but not all is running smoothly. With four-year-old Nelly at big school, life has become harder to juggle in the Faiers-Shepherd household and tensions run high as they work it all out.

The new series will feature the rest of the Faiers family including Mum Sue, Dad Dave and Sam’s mother-in-law, Nanny Gaynor. Viewers will see the Faiers sisters travel to exclusive sun-soaked destinations as they juggle Motherhood with life in the public eye.

The Mummy Diaries spoilers

In the first episode, Sam and Billie team up for a brand new series. In Essex, the wedding countdown is on but things gets heated as Bride-to-be Billie and Greg talk costs. After a tough few weeks at school, Greg takes Nelly for some Daddy and Daughter time and Billie launches her new baby’s range.

Over in Hertfordshire, Sam plans a new room for little Paul as she finally decides to get back into her own bed and Rosie takes her first steps. Sam and Paul have a big decision to make about the family business. The sisters let their hair down at a pyjama party and Billie opens up about the stress of the wedding.

In next week’s episode on March 13, Sam and Paul take the kids for a weekend away but things get tense as Sam asks little Paul to make the final decision on whether or not he goes to play school.

In Essex, Greg gets ready for his first red carpet, Nelly struggles with her night time routine and Billie’s wedding stress levels are rising. Sam is shocked by a revelation from Mum Sue and a row erupts when the girls hit Manchester for Sam’s birthday.

Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries airs on ITVBe Wednesdays at 9PM.

The fifth series had eight episodes. You can watch online and catch up via the ITV Hub.