Rylan Clark-Neal has started a petition to get The Salon back on telly

Presenter's campaign to revive the Channel 4 reality show has attracted over 4,000 signatures

If you’ve ever thought classic reality show The Salon should be revived, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Rylan Clark-Neal has launched a campaign to get it back on our screens.

The Salon, which aired on Channel 4 between 2003 and 2004, was basically Big Brother in a beauty spa.

It followed life in a purpose-built London salon, where celebrities and members of the public dropped by for free treatments – while being captured on camera.

Episodes aired daily in a teatime slot on C4, while sister channel E4 aired rolling live coverage.

The show also made a star out of stylist Ricardo Ribeiro, who later appeared on Channel 5’s ‘ultimate’ reality show Back To Reality.

But although it’s been thirteen years since The Salon ended, Rylan hasn’t forgotten about it – and he’s aiming to get it back on TV.

His mission began during Friday’s episode of ITV’s This Morning, when he randomly mentioned it during a piece about the new movie Blade Runner 2049.

“I think we should bring back The Salon,” he said. “Do you remember The Salon? On Channel 4? Totally unrelated, but I’m just putting it out there, cause I wanna bring it back.”

When Eamonn Holmes remarked that the original Blade Runner was “beautifully shot”, Rylan added: “So was The Salon! Do you remember The Salon? I love The Salon. I’d love to bring The Salon back!”

In a bid to get the attention of TV executives and make his dream a reality, Rylan has since launched a petition on Change.org.

“When I was younger all I wanted to do was watch Big Brother and The Salon,” the petition reads.

“During secondary school I was kicked out of my English class and ended up doing my English GCSE papers on Big Brother and The Salon. No lie.”

And not only does Rylan want to revive The Salon, he also wants to be in charge of it.

“I genuinely want to see how many people would like to see The Salon return,” he wrote. “I would LOVE nothing more than to ‘manage’ The Salon, choose the staff, hire and fire like before.

“This could genuinely be a taste of the career I very nearly ended up in.”

At the time of writing, Rylan’s petition has attracted 4,298 signatures, so clearly he’s not the only person that misses The Salon.

For now, if you want to relive the show, you can watch old episodes on YouTube.

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