Rylan Clark-Neal reveals hopes of bringing Big Brother back

Rylan Clark-Neal has revealed his hopes of bringing Big Brother back to screen.


Rylan will join Davina McCall for a look back at past Big Brother episodes in a new special series starting this week on E4.

Big Brother: Best Shows Ever launches on the 14th June at 9pm, revisiting some of the most memorable Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother episodes of all time as the show celebrates its 20th anniversary.

But Rylan wants more and is hoping for a full revival soon.

“Next for me is to make sure that Big Brother comes back bigger and better than ever – I’ll be flying that flag as high as possible to make it a reality,” he said.

Big Brother last aired in 2018 on Channel 5 after moving from Channel 4 in 2011 where it first started in 2000.

Rylan said: “I think what it is about Big Brother is, that it was the last real reality show on TV. It wasn’t constructed in any way, people weren’t being told what to do. Big Brother would put situations into the house whether it was a task or nominations or an eviction. All the content would come from these people in the house and they create the show.


“It’s the most real reality you can see on TV. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of other shows that are fantastic and have done so well, but in Big Brother all you have is the voice of ‘God’. To be a housemate and to work on the show, I feel like I understand it most, as I’ve been able to get to know it inside out. ”

He continued: “As Big Brother’s biggest fan I can believe it’s 20 years as it’s all I’ve been harping on about for the last two years saying ‘I can’t believe that we’re not doing anything to celebrate 20 years’. I mean, it’s amazing.

“I was in Spain when it first started and everyone talking about this show and I didn’t really understand what it was. I came home and watched it and was just obsessed with it, to the point where in 2003 I went on a school trip to the Isle of Wight and printed off the Big Brother eye with my name underneath and stuck it on a suitcase and lied to people on the train on the way to school telling them I was going to Big Brother. I mean, it came true 10 years later, but still!”

Speaking about the upcoming specials, Rylan teased: “You can expect exactly what you want to expect from the show and that is going to be some absolute classic Big Brother episodes that we never actually forgot, but sometimes find it hard to remember exactly everything.

“Being able to go back, forget about what is going on in the world at the minute for one hour a night watching Big Brother – it’s going to be nostalgic and a little bit emotional if I’m honest. A walk down memory lane.”


Big Brother: Best Shows Ever launches on the 14th June at 9pm on E4.

Episodes will air nightly Sunday-Thursday for two weeks.