RuPaul’s Drag Race stars could represent the UK at Eurovision next year

RuPaul’s Drag Race stars are said to be in talks to compete as the UK entry in Eurovision next year.


The Frock Destroyers – made up of Baga Chipz, Divina de Campo and Blu Hydrangea – could be representing us in Italy in 2022.

Baga Chipz told the Daily Star newspaper: “There have been conversations and meetings. I don’t want to say too much. But it is on the cards.

“Put it this way, it’s not impossible that it could happen.”

And a confident Baga reckons the trio wouldn’t repeat this year’s result of nil points.

“We’d bring the camp. Drag Race is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s watched everywhere,” Baga said. “So all those millions of people would vote for us.”

As it happens The Frock Destroyers aren’t the only drag act who are supposedly being considered for the UK’s next Eurovision entry.

The United Kingdolls – made up of Bimini, Laurence Chaney, A’Whora and Tayce – have also been rumoured after their song UK, Hun stormed the charts earlier this year.

Meanwhile other rumoured acts for Eurovision 2022 include Jessie J.


According to The Sun newspaper, the UK team have approached the singer as a possible name to represent us next year.

A source told the tabloid: “They are determined to come back fighting and think Jessie would be perfect. She has a huge following in Europe.

“But Jessie is in demand, so pinning her down might be harder than they think.”

Separately, Bill Bailey has revealed he is writing a song for the competition.

“I was writing today. This very day… because I just thought, why not? Come on, we’ve not been doing well lately,” he said at the BAFTA TV Awards.

Bill added: “We need to inject a bit of fun, I think.”

It was Italy who won Eurovision 2021 with rock band Måneskin taking the title with their song Zitti e buoni.

UK entry James Newman and his song Embers finished in last place with zero points.


He said after the show: “I think, for me, I just wanted to go and try my best and we definitely did. My whole team was so amazing. It was such a great time. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Picture: BBC