Rosie Jones hosts Out of Order on Comedy Central

Rosie Jones hosting Out of Order

Rosie Jones will host new game show Out Of Order on Comedy Central from February.

Out of Order promises to be a cheeky and uproarious gameshow that challenges contestants to be the best at judging people.

Comedians Katherine Ryan and Judi Love will be team captains, joined by guests including Maisie Adam, Richard Osman, Iain Stirling, Phil Wang, Fatiha El-Ghorri, Desiree Burch and Chris McCausland.

Out of Order’s format involves comical rounds where teams make judgements about ‘Rosie’s Regulars’ – a group of bold and charming members of the British public. The categories range from ‘Who sends the most messages to their mum?’ to ‘Who’s ghosted the most people?’, with teams arranging them from least to most.

In an interesting twist, the final round reverses roles, with one of Rosie’s Regulars judging Rosie and the celebrity teams, potentially winning a cash prize.

Out of Order will begin on Comedy Central at 9PM on Monday, 26 February.

Rosie Jones said: “I am over the bloody moon to have the stone cold legends that are Judi and Katherine join our ever-so-slightly-dysfunctional Out of Order family as team captains (I’m the daddy, obvs). I can’t tell you how much fun we all had recording this series, which is packed full of silliness, properly wild discoveries and spectacular guests. I feel incredibly proud to be the host of a show that really is for everyone and so pleased it’s with the team at Comedy Central, who gave me my first ever comedy series. It’s good to be home!”

Judi Love added: “Being a team captain on Out of Order is so much fun. I laughed so hard with Rosie, Katherine and our unique line up of guests. And let’s just say guessing or some might say judging our regulars gave us many moments of unbelievable surprises!”

Katherine Ryan commented: “There is nothing more I love in life than judging people, so I am thrilled to be a team captain on a gameshow that actively encourages me to do that. Expect chaos, laughs and ridiculous revelations all steered by the most brilliant host in Rosie. Even better, I get to work with Dame Judi Love on the home of funny, Comedy Central.”