Rochelle Humes and Marvin Humes spill on The Hit List series 2

Rochelle Humes and Marvin Humes have spilled all on series 2 of The Hit List.


The game show had its first outing earlier in 2019 and quickly proved popular with viewers.

Each week, three couples compete for a chance to win £10,000 and all they have to do is name the song and the artist – simple! Each round will be filled with hit songs from the sixties to today covering every style of pop music.

Series 2 begins on Saturday 16th November at 6.25pm on BBC One.

“It’s amazing to be back on the second series,” says Marvin. The first series was incredible to be a part of. For the second series to be commissioned so quickly was absolutely brilliant news.

“The programme has been so popular and the series will be on each week before Strictly Come Dancing in the winter months – it has blown us away.”

Rochelle adds: “We are so passionate about the show and we enjoy it so much, and to have two series in one year is not bad going at all. I think it has the perfect time slot as well.”


She continues: “For the second series, the standard has gone up. I think it’s because the first series was brand new, so contestants didn’t really know about the in’s and out’s of how the game worked before they applied to take part.

“This time around the amount of applicants went through the roof!”

Meanwhile, the husband and wife hosting duo reckon they’d do “alright” if they were to take on the quiz themselves.

Marvin explained: “I’d like to think I’d do OK. The best partnerships in this show are when you get two complete opposites. So something like a Grandparent and a Grandchild, whose musical tastes span such a long timeframe, so generally speaking those are the pairs that tend to fair the best rather than two mates who go to Uni together and listen to the same type of music.

“I reckon if Roch and I took part we would do alright though – we’d be OK!”

“If the category was 90’s R&B I would do really well!” Rochelle added.


The Hit List series 2 begins on Saturday 16th November at 6.25pm on BBC One.

You can watch episodes online and catch up with series 1 now via the BBC iPlayer.