Rise & Fall winner crowned in final of Channel 4 show – SPOILER

The winner of Rise and Fall has been crowned tonight on Channel 4.

The new reality show, which has been airing nightly for the past four weeks, is a game about what it takes to get to the top – how to win power, how to keep hold of it and how to use it to influence others.

At the start of the series, 16 ordinary British people, from all walks of life and ages, began the game to compete to win up to £100,000. While some of them has all the power as Rulers in the Penthouse, the rest worked as Grafters in the Basement, building up the prize fund that only a Ruler could win.

Rise And Fall - Greg James
Rise And Fall – host Greg James

In the final tonight, Eddy was crowned the winner of Rise and Fall.

Following 18 episodes of triumphant rises, brutal falls and hard graft, just six Rulers remained at the top – Matt, Moses, Eddy, Rossi, Ramona and Sydney.

In tonight’s final episode, the Rulers had to rely on the Grafters and returning fallen Rulers to secure their seat in the final Red Room. A tough bricklaying Work Shift saw Rossi eliminated as the final pounds were added to the prize fund.

Rise & Fall winner Eddy
Rise & Fall winner Eddy

Later, in the Red Room, Eddy, Matt, Moses, Ramona and Sydney went head-to-head to prove themselves as the best Ruler and most deserving of the £85,610 prize fund.

As the final five were eliminated one by one by each other, it came down to delivery driver Sydney from West Lothian and software sales manager Eddy from Devon as the final two Rulers. Matt, Moses and Ramona chose Eddy as their winner.

On winning, Eddy said: “Thank you so much, I’m speechless at the moment… I think I need a pint of champagne…

“I look at this game as an analogy for life. It has shown me that slow and steady wins the race, you don’t always have to be dog eat dog in this world… I never did well at school, never been top of the class and this feels like I’m top of the class. Oh my God!”

Runner up Sydney said: “I’m just hoping when my daughter watches this back she’s proud of me. But, you know what, Eddy deserves to win and he’s proved it all the way through. I am so so happy for him to win.”

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