The Voice’s Ricky Wilson still in touch with his acts and even holidays with them

Ricky Wilson has told how he has holidayed with is acts from The Voice UK.


Speaking out about his three years on the show recently Ricky insisted he was still very much in touch with the contestants he mentored.

He said in a new interview: “I’m stressed today because I haven’t texted back Stevie McCrorie or emailed back Beth McCarthy and I’m worried they’ll think I’m ignoring them.”

And Ricky even revealed: “I went on holiday with Nathan Amzi this year. I never expected that when starting out.”

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman was a coach on the series for three years but did not stay when the show moved to ITV in 2017.

Although speaking last year, Ricky said he would be up for a comeback if the money was right.

Explaining his exit, Ricky said: “When they announced it was moving to ITV I decided not to go with it. I did a Mary Berry before Mary Berry did!

“Of course I’ll miss it. I did the first series to sell a record, but the second and third I did for pure enjoyment. I’ll be jealous when it’s back on, but I’m pleased Tom Jones is back. He’s one of my favourite people”


Ricky confessed he would say yes to another series if he was offered “loads of money”.

“I always think, would my dad call me d**khead if I turned down that sort of money?’ No one would believe me if I said I wouldn’t accept loads of money, because obviously I would!” Ricky admitted openly.

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