Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston reunite for More4 travel series

Celebrating a remarkable four decades on screen together, actors Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston are embarking on a fresh adventure in a brand-new More4 series.

Ricky, Sue & a Trip or Two will follow the pair as they head to significant places from their shared history and the remarkable destinations they have always dreamt of experiencing side by side.

Throughout the series, Ricky and Sue will share cherished memories with both viewers and each other as they explore various locations across Britain. These sites include Shrewsbury Prison, which holds personal significance for Ricky due to unjust accusations that led to his imprisonment in the 1970s, an ordeal that Sue coincidentally protested against.

Additionally, the series unveils how their paths crossed on Brookside Close, the iconic backdrop where their acting journey began with roles in the renowned Channel 4 soap opera.

Renowned for their roles as Bobby and Sheila Grant in Brookside, as well as the beloved Jim and Barbara Royle in The Royle Family, Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston have graced both stage and screen. The duo, who also share a couch on Celebrity Gogglebox, are not only beloved on-screen partners but also individual stars in their own right.

Through this captivating series, the two accomplished actors will unveil the meaningful locations that have significantly shaped their lives. On their journey, Ricky and Sue will be joined by familiar faces, friends who hold connections to the places and individuals they encounter along the way.

Ricky Tomlinson said: “Sue and I have had a lot of laughs and a lot of memories over the years. This new series will give us a chance to put the world to rights as we explore places treasured to us and to many others around Britain.”

Sue Johnston added: “Ricky and I feel so honoured to have had shared 40 years on screen together and a firm friendship for all of that time, so it’s particularly special to be taking a trip of a lifetime with him around this beautiful country for More 4. Channel 4 will have a job to do keeping us both on our best behaviour along with the friends we meet along the way.”

The series is produced by Nine Lives Media in Birmingham and LA Productions in Liverpool.

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