Rick Stein embarks on culinary journey in new BBC Two series

Rick Stein in Ray fish shop, Cumbria for Rick Stein's Food
Rick Stein in Ray fish shop, Cumbria. Credit: BBC/Shine TV Ltd

Rick Stein is set to take viewers on a delicious cookery pilgrimage across the UK, aiming to delve into the nation’s current culinary preferences.


Starting on BBC Two on Monday, 12 February at 6:30PM, Rick Stein’s Food Stories will explore the evolving landscape of British food culture in the 21st century.

Rick’s journey will span from the picturesque Lake District to the rugged landscapes of Argyll, through to the historic streets of Belfast, the serene Gower Peninsula, the vibrant city of Bristol, and the traditional heartlands of Yorkshire, among many other remarkable destinations.

Throughout his travels, Rick will engage with the innovators and traditionalists of the British food scene. He plans to celebrate the artisans behind classic dishes like the beloved Yorkshire pudding, as well as those introducing international flavours and innovative culinary techniques to the UK palate.

From his home in Cornwall, a place close to his heart, Rick will share his personal favourite dishes. He aims to highlight recipes that, in his view, deserve a spot in the national cookbook, reflecting the rich diversity and evolving tastes of Britain today.

Rick Stein said: “This is my idea of an expedition… I’m travelling the length and breadth of the UK to get an understanding of what us Brits are eating now. And that’s a subject that’s constantly changing. When I started out as a chef over 50 years ago the prawn cocktail, steak Diane and Black Forest Gâteau reigned supreme.

“Today the variety on offer is extraordinary; Sushi is now one of our most popular takeaway lunches; we no longer pop out for a Balti but enjoy Indian street food instead; and more than ever chefs are cooking with the environment in mind, creating new dishes using locally foraged or farmed ingredients.

“I’ve also seen how food has the power to bring communities together. What is clear to me is that what and how we eat touches every part of our lives. Thinking seriously about which dishes best represent our modern tastes requires me to reconsider everything.”

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