Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday tonight with Dubai trip and motorhome adventure


Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday returns for a brand new series on Channel 5.

Exploring the stark contrast in holiday experiences, this hit series unveils the impact of wealth disparity like never before.

What unfolds when families with vastly different incomes trade vacations for a week? Through an engaging and often comical narrative, the show delves into the realities of our societal class divisions as two households exchange holidays, activities, and budgets to unravel the age-old question: Does money truly equate to holiday happiness?

Mother & Son, Harvey & Cheryl in their hotel Anantara The Palm, Dubai
Mother & Son, Harvey & Cheryl in their hotel Anantara The Palm, Dubai

The new series begins on Sunday, 13 August at 9PM on Channel 5.

In the first episode we meet Marco, a renowned restaurateur with a celebrity eatery in Kensington, and his close friend Paul, who runs an exclusive chauffeur business. These high earners belong to the top 10% income bracket in the UK. With a shared history since childhood, they’re accustomed to luxurious trips, averaging £1,000 a day on holiday, indulging in champagne, private yachts, and gourmet feasts.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Cheryl and her son Harvey. Cheryl, a support worker, and Harvey, a factory worker, reside in the other segment of the wealth divide. Their vacation choices have been modest camping trips, with Harvey never having travelled abroad.

In a captivating role reversal, Cheryl and Harvey, accustomed to budget-friendly British getaways, embark on a five-star, five-day journey to Dubai, a haven of opulence. How will Harvey, an introvert, navigate the world of extravagant luxury? Can wealth genuinely provide the holiday happiness they seek?

Rich Holiday Poor Holiday Ep 1 10

Meanwhile, the millionaire duo of Marco and Paul embark on a motorhome adventure to Surrey and Southend-On-Sea, testing their mettle in basic cooking and unglamorous tasks like toilet maintenance. The ultimate question looms: Did they remember to bring their towels?

Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday airs from Sunday, 13 August at 9PM.

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