Reported Missing’s tragic ending has viewers in tears

What happened to 77-year-old Jean Lloyd?

BBC One’s Reported Missing latest episode ended in tragedy following the search of a missing OAP.


It was the third episode of the heartbreaking BBC doc which has been shedding light on police investigations into missing people.

This week’s latest episode concerned 77-year-old Jean Lloyd, who had disappeared on her way to the doctor’s surgery.

She had taken a bus to her appointment in Neston, The Wirral but never arrived.

Cheshire Police enlisted the help of search and rescue teams, divers, a helicopter and local volunteers in a bid to uncover what happened.

CCTV from the bus showed Jean had boarded – but was seen getting off one stop early before walking out of town.

Days of extensive searches found some leads, including a worrying puddle of blood, but all proved to be false positives.


Police eventually caught a breakthrough when CCTV revealed her walking past and a school and towards the marshlands outside of town.

Her son revealed the path she walked down had been where her and her late-husband had visited in the past.

Tragically, nearly a week after Jean’s last appearance, a body was discovered on the edge of the marshlands. It was revealed how Jean seemingly sat down for a rest before falling to sleep and sadly succumbing to the elements.

Her son said: “I prefer to remember her how she was. In the kitchen, just baking, baking scones or fairy cakes… to everyone who did look for her, I’m grateful to everyone.”

Viewers were just as heartbroken by the loss.

“She went looking for her husband… found him and went to sleep. Utterly, utterly heartbreaking. #ReportedMissing” one tweeted.


Another added: “Watching #ReportedMissing and I’m in tears , terribly sad ??? looks like she went to find her husband , heartbreaking ?”

Reported Missing airs Monday nights on BBC One. You can catch up with the series on BBC iPlayer.