Rellik: Cast, spoilers and start time for BBC’s new TV crime drama

Rellik: All you need to know

New BBC One TV show Rellik concludes this evening but who’s on the cast, what’s it all about and when is it on?

Six part series Rellik is a crime thriller – but one that turns the serial killer story on its head.

Starting at the end, with a prime suspect caught, the series moves backwards in time through the string of gruesome murders, gradually unraveling the truth.

Enigmatic, unrelenting and charismatic, Rellik follows DCI Gabriel Markham as he is propelled in an obsessive hunt for a serial killer who left a mark on him both physically and mentally. As the clock ticks back, and Gabriel’s personal and professional lives unfurl, we explore the painful psychology of a man disfigured, while the shockwaves from the crime ripple out in reverse.

Rellik cast

DCI Gabriel Markham – Richard Dormer – Confident, attractive and intelligent, Gabriel is a traditional alpha-male, until the moment his world comes crashing down in the aftermath of a brutal attack.

DI Elaine Shepard – Jodi Balfour – Elaine’s natural intelligence, combined with her warmth and determined intensity, make her a skilled detective.

Lisa Markham – Lark Winther – Lisa is warm, clever, and engaging. She fell in love with Gabriel the moment she met him and never had eyes for anyone else.

Hannah Markham – Shannon Tarbet – Sixteen year-old Hannah is intelligent, observant and sensitive. She has a loving family and a happy home life and is particularly close to her father – almost in awe of him.

Christine Levison – Rosalind Eleazar – Christine is an arch-manipulator with a disturbing skill for drilling straight to the heart of people’s weaknesses and using them to her advantage.

Other cast includes Paterson Joseph as Isaac Taylor, Ray Stevenson as Detective Superintendent Edward Benton, Michael Wildman as DI Martin Brook, Kieran Bew as DI Mike Sutherland, Faye Castelow as DS Jenny Roberts and Joseph Macna as DC Sam Myers.

Further cast are Mimi Ndiweni as DC Andrea Reed Reece Ritchie as DC Asim Fry, Paul Rhys as Patrick Barker, Tanya Reynolds as Sally, Michael Shaeffer as Steven Mills, Georgina Rich as Beth Mills and Charlotte Dylan as Cassie Hughes.

Rellik spoilers

In tonight’s final episode, following Gabriel’s discovery of a crucial piece of evidence, the hunt is on to track down the killer. With the net tightening, a thrilling chase of twists and turns ensues, and as Gabriel begins to piece together the trail of violence leading to the killer, he end up putting at risk everything he holds dear.

Locked in a fated struggle, the journeys of these two damaged souls – killer and cop – build to a shattering climax that takes our characters back to where it all began.

The truth is finally pieced together and the jigsaw puzzle that the murder investigation complete, revealing how the killer did what they did and, more importantly, why.

As the series draws to a close, carefully interwoven stories are connected in unforeseen ways – in a devastating exploration of what makes people who they are.

Rellik continues tonight at 9PM on BBC One with the last of six episodes.