The Circle 2019: Meet new players Beth and Jack - and their game plans

the circle new players

The Circle 2019 on Channel 4 has introduced two brand new players.

Fresh from the exit of Richard Madeley / Judy in the latest blocking, tonight saw Beth and Jack join the game.

The Circle is the reality game show for the social media age, with a £100,000 prize up for grabs.

In a game where anyone can be anyone, The Circle’s players all live in the same building but reside in completely separate apartments. Living just inches away from each other, they can't see or hear one another and will never meet their competitors face to face while playing the game.

Instead, they communicate only using a specially-designed voice automated social media platform called The Circle as they compete to be crowned the most popular.

Meet new players Jack Quirk and Beth Dunlavey and their game plans below...

Jack Quirk

the circle jack

AGE: 29
OCCUPATION: Children's events organiser
FROM: Edinburgh

GAME PLAN: This self-confessed cheeky charmer is playing as himself, thinking that flirting with the pretty girls and getting the lads onside will help him win.

Beth Dunlavey

the circle beth

AGE: 29 (playing as 26)
FROM: Newcastle
PLAYING AS: Glammed down, younger version of herself

GAME PLAN: Beth is playing as a glammed down, 'girl next door' version of herself so 'girls won't be intimated and boys will want to build friendships rather than relationships'.


The Circle launches airs Monday-Fridays and Sunday nights at 9PM on Channel 4.

Episodes are available to watch online and catch up on via All4.

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