Celebrity Big Brother's highest paid celebrities EVER revealed

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

As the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother comes to a close here's a look at the show's biggest payouts over the years.

While no celebs or Channel 5 have officially ever said how much housemates are paid, a number of reports have claimed the (often ridiculous) amounts some names have received over the years.

Ray J

Reported fee: £800,000

US musician Ray reportedly enjoyed a mega pay day thanks to Celebrity Big Brother this year with a rumoured $1 million fee (around £800,000) plus expenses to fly into the US.

Ray J.

However it's not clear how much of this he'll actually get after unexpectedly leaving the series a week in.

Even now, many months on from the series, there is still a legal battle. Ray J's rep David Weintraub told The Sun newspaper: “We are in a continued legal battle with them over the remaining payments that are owed to him. They owe him 250 thousand US dollars."


Heidi and Spencer.
Heidi and Spencer.

Reported fee: £600,000

Duo Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag supposedly enjoyed a mega pay deal when they returned to the Celebrity Big Brother house for this January's All Star special.

The duo - who first appeared in 2013 - are said to have agreed a £600,000 fee for their stay in the house even if they didn't make it to the end this time.

David Gest

Reported fee: £600,000

The late David Guest also tops the list of highest paid celeb housemates with a supposed fee of $1 million, like Ray J, although this worked out to be notably less before Brexit worth around £600,000.

Again like Ray J, it's not clear how much David would've actually been paid after being forced to quit due to illness, instead getting a 'per day' fee for the duration of his stay.

Tragically, David passed away from a stroke in April of 2016 shortly after his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

Katie Price

Reported fee: £500,000

Katie Price was rumoured for Celebrity Big Brother for years before eventually entering as a late housemate in January 2015.

Despite not taking part in the full series, Katie still topped the fees for that run and took home a reported £500,000 as well as the title of Celebrity Big Brother winner.


Reported fee: £500,000

X Factor twins Jedward were reportedly offered a combined £1 MILLION deal, working out at a nifty £500,000 each when they first appeared. The X Factor 2009 finalists took part in CBB back in 2011, the first series to air on Channel 5, and finished the run in third place.


The pair returned to the house this year like Speidi but it's not clear if they managed to agree any bigger deal this time around.

Katie Hopkins

Reported fee: £400,000

Professional media troll Katie Hopkins is said to have scooped a hefty £400,000 for her stint in Celebrity Big Brother for 2015's January run. It's one of the biggest fees of recent years and thought to be the fourth biggest amount to have ever been paid out to get a star on the show.


So they're the biggest fees, but very few celebs can command so much.

Some of the lower amounts paid out have included the reported £60,000 given to contestant Winston McKenzie, a former member of UKIP, while Corrie actor Bruce Jones is rumoured to have got just £15,000 back in 2013.

And last year it was claimed that winner Stephen Bear had been paid only £12,000.

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