Kelvin Fletcher set to return for second series of Fletcher’s Family Farm

elvin Fletcher and his wife Liz Marsland at their farm with their children pose for a group photo in front of their farm
Fletcher’s Family Farm: SR1 on ITVBe and ITVX. Pictured: Kelvin Fletcher and his wife Liz Marsland at their farm with their children. Credit: ITV/Daisybeck Studios

Fletcher’s Family Farm is set to return for a second series on ITV1.


Actor and former Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher, along with his wife Liz offer a candid look into their rural life, sharing their home and experiences with their four children.

The first series debuted in 2023. The show has now been renewed for series two, with filming underway.

For now, the original episodes are available on ITVX.

In the first episode, the family faces their most challenging lambing season yet, where the joy of new life transforms into a struggle for survival.

Kelvin and Liz venture into the realm of pig breeding, exploring the intricacies of Artificial Insemination. Additionally, Kelvin embarks on a journey to acquire endearing new livestock as they prepare to host their inaugural public farm event.

Speaking about the series, Kelvin said: “It is a brand new series and coming home! Back to ITV. In many respects, this has been a long time in the making and we have been here at the farm for two years now.

“We have established a home here. The whole purpose of this programme is to give a real and genuine insight into how life on the farm is. We are considered new entrants to farming, so even though it’s been our home for two years, we are still very much the newbies in town.We have never done anything like this before.”

“We haven’t come from farming backgrounds. We have literally taken a leap of faith and done the unthinkable and decided to uproot and move out to the middle of nowhere and start living off the land. As crazy as it sounds, that is exactly what we have done. The only catalyst in that really was I guess to live a simpler life, in the respects of we have our little family, you know what more do we really need?


“But then with that and trying to chase a simple life, inevitably it’s a huge adventure and it’s a step into the unknown. So it’s been crazy. It’s been the right amount of chaos, the right amount of ups and downs and learning but overall it should feel like a fun, authentic look into how a new life in the country really is.”

Liz added: “This a show where you get to see farming from day one, you get to see it from scratch. We are learning with the audience. We ask the simplest questions because we don’t know the answer so everyone learns with us.”

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