Love Island spoilers: Priya's head turned by new guy Brett as pair enjoy a date

Brett and Priya return from their date.

Love Island’s new guy Brett Staniland makes his arrival in the villa tonight and someone’s head is quickly turned.

At the end of last night’s episode, the Islanders had just arrived back from their challenge when Chloe and Priya noticed a new face sunbathing in the garden.

Looking up at Chloe and Priya on the terrace, Brett said: “You can come and say hello if you like?”

Tonight, The girls rush downstairs telling the rest of their fellow Islanders about the new arrival. All the Islanders gather at the fire pit and get to know Brett.

Toby asks: “Brett, what is your type?”


Keeping his cards close to his chest, Brett replies: “I don’t really have a type.”

Meanwhile, Brett appears to have caught the eye of someone. Speaking in the Beach Hut, Priya says: “Brett is fit. He’s so good looking and he’s a health student! He’s a studier, nearly got a PhD – Dr Brett! I was drooling.”

Later, Brett receives a text which reads: “Brett. It’s time for your first date! Please ask out the girl of your choice. #modelbehaviour #thechosenone”

Brett chooses Priya for a date. Arriving at their date, Priya says: “I’m very glad you picked me.”

Brett says: “I was always going to choose you to go on a first date.”

Priya replies: “I do feel like you need to have that connection. You need to be on the same level emotionally.”

Priya adds: “I like someone who is intelligent and athletic. I usually go for confidence on the outside but a sweetheart on the inside.”

Brett says: “My PhD is in exercise and physical activity and it’s connected to cardiovascular diseases.”

Priya asks: “By the end of the year, you’ll essentially be a doctor? I’ve never dated a doctor before.”

Brett and Priya on a date.
Brett and Priya on a date.
Brett on a date with Priya.
Brett on a date with Priya.

After returning from her date, Priya tells the girls at the firepit: “He’s such a sweetheart – super cute. His eyes were piercing.”

And the date has left Priya torn between the new boy and Matthew Macnabb, who she was getting to know in last night’s episode.

Priya admits: “I’m still confused. I still want to get to know Matt. I don’t want to make my decision too quickly.”

Will Priya make her decision and decide to move forward with Matthew or Brett?

Love Island 2021 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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