Love Island spoiler: Liam wants to make Millie his girlfriend as pair move on from Casa Amor

Millie and Liam.

Liam Reardon reveals plans to make things official with Millie Court on tonight’s Love Island.

It appears as though the pair are now firmly past the drama of Liam’s kiss with Lillie in Casa Amor.

Tonight, Millie and Liam tell their fellow Islanders they had a kiss in bed and Liam tells the boys: “I would like to make her my girlfriend in here, just waiting for the right time. I don’t want to rush things.”

Later, the pair have a chat on the bean bags.

 Liam and Toby.
Liam and Toby.

Liam says: “I’ve got a lot of plans and I want to do them with you.”

Millie responds: “I’m happy that we’re able to get back on track again.”

Liam adds: “So, so happy.”

Millie continues: “Obviously we had a little kiss last night…. I feel like the kisses before were because we just really fancied each other. We just had that sexual attraction for each other and then that [kiss last night] meant more to me than any other kiss that we had.”

Delighted, Liam says: “I asked you a few days ago, do you see a future with us, you said you don’t know. Do you see a future with us now?”

Smiling, Millie replies: “Yeah.”

Liam responds: “That makes me happy.”

While things are looking up for Millie and Liam, another couple decide to slow things down tonight.

Mary Bedford pulls Dale Mehmet to discuss their current coupling.

She says: “I love getting to know you, I love you as a person. I just feel like it is a lot, so fast. All of the other couples have known each other five weeks, they’re in love… we’ve known each other three days. It just feels like it’s going too fast. I would just rather get to know you, do you know what I mean?”


In the Beach Hut Dale agrees saying: “I feel like what she’s said to me is what I’ve been feeling. When you see a lot of people in here who are already coupled up and look like they’re doing so well, it rubs off on you and makes you want to move a wee bit faster.

“I’m so glad she said to me she wants to slow things down because I feel like myself, I’ll be true to myself if I slow things down.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub as well as BritBox.

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